Immunizations are not just for babies. They have come to play a big role in maintaining health through a lifetime. Several vaccines have become common for adults, especially older adults. To meet this growing need, we have several pharmacists who have advanced training and who have completed the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy immunization certification program. We offer flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccine during normal business hours. We are able to bill medicare for flu and pneumonia vaccines. This year, get your vaccines in a convenient, friendly place…..Smith’s Drugs.

Long-Term Care

Our same professional care can be found in the nursing homes and assisted living facilities with Smith’s Drugs Long Term Care services. Whether we are serving the whole facility or a single resident, you can be assured that our professional staff are focused and thorough in reviewing medications and identifying problems, especially with these patients who tend to be on multiple drug therapies. In addition, all facility medications are packaged in specialized bubble or blister packs. This ensures safe handling and controlled distribution and, with the color coded system of the packaging, you have one more safety feature to assure correct dosing at the correct time.

Medication Reviews

One of the best ways to prevent a medication error is to know your pharmacist and know your medication. That’s why we offer extended one-on-one consultations. This focused assessment involves athorough review of all prescription and non-prescription medications and supplements the patient is taking.

During your consultation time, our pharmacist will review when and how to take your medications, identify drugs that are duplications of therapy and assess if you require a medication change due to side effects or interactions with other drugs. Our pharmacist will then contact your doctor to discuss the recommended changes. Some insurances, including Medicare, may cover this service.

Blister Packs

Taking medication correctly is important to getting the optimal helping effect of the drug, but also to prevent dangerous effects from taking it incorrectly. We recognize some of our patients have a higher risk of confusing medications and missing dosing times. That’s why we offer specialized blister packing of medications. This service provides individual, time labeled packages that keep medications organized and provide the assurance that dosages are not being skipped or doubled. Talk to our pharmacy staff about this nominally-priced specialized service.

Take Charge Weight Loss Program

Take Charge is a 13 week lifestyle modification program where you will meet weekly with a pharmacist. You will learn how to break unhealthy habits and form new healthy habits by learning how to make better food choices and how to begin and stick with an exercise program. We will also discuss diseases such at diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and how to control these diseases through changing your lifestyle.

Other Services

High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are common health concerns. Come in and we can check your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. It’s good to know your values to identify potential risks for disease and make early detection practical.

Our professional staff are committed to providing you with the best service possible. That means not only providing prompt, professional attention, but the individual time you need to understand your medication and how it works. We also value patient confidentiality and respect your need for privacy. That’s why we have private patient consulting rooms.

If you need an over the counter medication, sick room or first aid supplies, let our knowledgeable staff assist you in selecting the product that best meets your needs. Any products we don’t have on the shelf or those hard- to-find old-time favorites can be special ordered at no extra cost and our convenient drive-through window can make those really hectic days just a little bit easier. At Smith’s Drugs of Forest City, we know about old-fashioned customer service; we’ve been providing it since 1939!

John Higgins